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Since our founding in 2000, Luv Center has served the sports and recreation needs of Shelby individuals and families with pride. With both indoor and outdoor facilities, we are the prime destination for sports leagues, tournaments, and competitions.

Off-SeasonTraining & Benefits for ALL Athletes (All Sports)  at All Ages 365 days a year! 

Training during off-season provides many benefits to an athlete whether they are wanting to continue on to a Professional League of Sports or to Corporate America. Here at The Luv Center we teach youth the proper technique to play specific field positions, methods to build great sportsmanship, character, and leadership skills for the world awaiting them, and how to cope and succeed through the many curve-balls life may throw their way. The Luv Center provides the tools for good decision making, ownership, and clarity to the path an athlete may choose.

Spring Flex/Flag Football Registration is OPEN!!! 

What is flex Football???

Flex Football is design to teach our Athletes the fundamentals of football at an early age! Our Goal is to provide a FUN and Positive environment!! This Flex/Flag FootBall League includes OL/DL!! 

We also feature a wide array of entertainment opportunities—come join in on the fun!

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